Designing a
well-being app


Art Direction
UI / UX Design

Spire is a wearable gadget, which could be compared to a personal mindfulness coach. Spire tracks and improves your state of mind by monitoring and analyzing your breathing patterns. The information is delivered directly to your mobile. Our task was to design a concept for an app. We decided to use as little graphic elements as possible and focus on the user's well-being, which is represented by the curve in the foreground. To keep first things first, other information is pushed to the background.

The curve shows when you are calm and focused or intense and stressed, then suggests a direction to follow in order to feel better. It is divided into three segments that use different colour spectrums.


Project resulted in a clean and focused design concept that reflects the core idea behind the app — your physical and emotional state is what matters most.

ShapeCreated with Sketch.
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